Table of Contents

Religion and marital adjustment / Gary L. Hansen.
Crime, delinquency, and religion / William Sims Bainbridge.
Religion and substance use / Peter L. Benson.
Religious orientation and mental health / Kevin S. Masters and Allen E. Bergin.
Mental health of cult consumers : legal and scientific controversy / James T. Richardson.
Religious diagnosis in evaluations of mental health / H. Newton Malony.
Religion as a mediating factor in culture change / Erika Bourguignon.
Buddhism and mental health : a comparative analysis / Gary Groth-Marnat.
Religious experience and psychopathology : cross-cultural perspectives / Raymond H. Prince.
Religious ritual and mental health / Janet L. Jacobs.
Content and prevalence of psychopathology in world religions / David Greenberg and Eliezer Witztum. The psychopathology of religion : European historical perspectives / Jacob A. Belzen.
Religion and the mental health of women / Robert A. Bridges and Bernard Spilka.
Mental health consequences of irreligion / John F. Schumaker.
Religion and sexual adjustment / John D. Shea.
Religiosity, depression, and suicide / Steven Stack.
Religion, anxiety, and fear of death / Peter Pressman ... [et al.].
Sin and guilt in faith traditions : issues for self-esteem / Ralph W. Hood, Jr..
Religion and rationality / James E. Alcock.
Religion and self-actualization / Joseph B. Tamney.
Religiosity, meaning in life, and psychological well-being / Kerry Chamberlain and Sheryl Zika.
Religion, neuroticism, and psychoticism / Leslie J. Francis.
Religion and mental health in early life / Edward P. Shafranske.
Religion and mental health in later life / Harold G. Koenig. This is an interdisciplinary collection of previously unpublished papers on the much-disputed relationship between religious behavior and mental health. Schumaker has assembled a distinguished international roster of contributors - sociologists and anthropologists as well as psychiatrists and psychologists of religion. Taken together, the papers provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of research in the field, as well as shedding new light on a number of specific topics, subject groups, and interpretive perspectives.