Table of Contents

Preface v Mesopotamia Réka Esztari and Ádám Vér: The Voices of Ištar: Prophetesses and Female Ecstatics in the Neo-Assyrian Empire 3 --Hebrew Bible and its Environments.
Miklós Kőszeghy: The Female Body in Israel and Judah before the Exile 43.
Thomas Hieke: Menstruation and Impurity. Regular Abstention from the Cult According to Leviticus 15:19-24 and Some Examples for the Reception of the Biblical Text in Early Judaism 54.
Early Judaism.
Benjamin G. Wright and Suzanne M. Edwards: "She Undid Him with the Beauty of Her Face" (Jdt 16.6): Reading Women's Bodies in Early Jewish Literature 73.
Ida Fröhlich: The Female Body in Second Temple Literature 109.
Matthew Goff: The Personification of Wisdom and Folly as Women in Ancient Judaism 128.
Ibolya Balla: "Pillars of Gold on a Silver Base:" Female Beauty as the Cause of Anxiety and Praise in the Book of Ben Sira Reading Women's Bodies in Early Jewish Literature 155.
Karin Schöpflin: Women's Roles in the Narrative and Theology of the Book of Tobit 173.
Jozsef Zsengellér: Judith as a Female David: Beauty and Body in Religious Context 186.
Christianity and Gnosticism.
Hanna Stenström: Female Imagery in the Book of Revelation 213.
Csaba Ötvös: Female Body? Footnotes on the Theology of the First Woman's Birth Stories in the Gnostic Tractates from Nag Hammadi 225.
Gáspár Parlagi: The City without(?) Women. Approaches to the Female in Early Monastic Literature 246.
Index of Sources 263. "This volume publishes papers read at the ninth International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books, Budapest, 2012. The authors explore various aspects of manifestations of the female principle within the literature of the Ancient Near East, Early Judaism, and the nascent Christianity"--