Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; Introduction; Chapter 1 Mental Health and Religion A Complex Relationship; Chapter 2 Religion in Mental Health Care: Patients' Views; Chapter 3 Religion in Mental Health Care: Psychotherapists' Views; Chapter 4 Psychotherapy and Religious Problems Illustration by Means of a Case History; Chapter 5 Religious Coping in Two Samples of Psychiatric Inpatients; Chapter 6 "When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble ..." Pargament's Religious Coping Scales in the Netherlands; Chapter 7 "Bridge over Troubled Water" Further Results Regarding The Receptive Coping Scale. Joseph Pieper and Marinus van Uden have proposed a book consisting of previously published papers on the topics of religion, coping, and mental health care. It covers quite a bit of territory: the complex relationships between religion and mental health, surveys that present the views of therapists and patients about the interface between religion and mental health, a case study of a religious patient struggling with psychological problems, empirical studies of religious coping among various groups, and a method for teaching the clinical psychology of religion. Although the papers are diverse.