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Preliminaries; Contents; Preface; Contributors; 1 A brief history of regenerated cellulosic fibres; 2 Industrial cellulose; 3 The viscose process; 4 Lyocell the production process and market development; 5 Cuprammonium processes; 6 Fibres related to cellulose; 7 Other processes; 8 Physical structure and fibre properties; 10 Current and future market trends; Index;. This book contains information on the chemistry, physics, process technology, applications and markets for man-made cellulosic fibres. It covers the properties and applications of viscose rayon, cuprammonium rayon and the new solvent-spun fibres as well as considering their relationships with the natural cellulosics such as cotton and the synthetic polymer fibres such as polyester. This overview of the only truly, naturally recyclable fibres and the recent manufacturing techniques that have been developed to produce them is of interest to professionals in textile production, research and devel.