Table of Contents

Introduction : institutions equipped to learn / Olivier De Schutter and Jacques Lenoble.
Renewing the theory of public interest : the quest for a reflexive and learning-based approach to governance / Jacques Lenoble and Marc Maesschalck.
'Reflexive' market regulation : cognitive cooperation in competitve information fora / Eric Brousseau and Jean-Michel Glachant.
Reflexive governance, regulation and meta-regulation : control or learning? / Colin Scott.
Neo-institutionalist and collaborative-relational approaches to governance in services of general interest : the case of energy in the UK and Germany / Tony Prosser ... [et al.].
Reflexive approaches to corporate governance : the case of Heathrow Terminal 5 / Simon Deakin and Aristea Koukiadaki.
The democratic experimentalist approach to governance : protecting social rights in the European Union / Olivier De Schutter.
From collaborative to genetic governance : the example of healthcare services in England / Peter Vincent-Jones and Caroline Mullen.
The contribution of network governance in overcoming frame conflicts : enabling social learning and building reflexive abilities in biodiversity governance / Tom Dedeurwaerdere. 'Reflexive Governance' offers a theoretical framework for understanding modern patterns of governance in the EU institutions and elsewhere.