Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. New-directions in definitions.
3. Prevention of physical illness.
4. The core sciences: contributions and frontiers.
5. Description of five illustrative mental disorders.
6. Risk and protective factors for the onset of mental disorders.
7. Illustrative preventive intervention research programs.
8. Treatment research and prevention research: a collaborative frontier.
9. Mental health promotion.
10. Designing, conducting, and analyzing programs within the preventive intervention research cycle.
11. The knowledge exchange process: from research into practice.
12. Infrastructure for prevention: funding, personnel, and coordination.
13. Conclusions and recommendations: an agenda for the next decade.
App. A: Summary.
App. B: Contributors.
App. C: Workshops.
App. D: Background materials.
App. E: Journals publishing prevention articles related to mental disorders.