Table of Contents

Antitrust perspectives for durable-goods markets / Michael Waldman.
Two-sided markets : economic theory and policy implications / Mark Armstrong.
Antitrust analysis of tying arrangements / Jay Pil Choi.
Curing sinus headaches and tying law : an empirical analysis of bundling decongestants and pain relievers / David S. Evans and Michael A. Salinger.
Economics, politics, and merger control / Vivek Ghosal.
Market definition with differentiated products : lessons from the car market / Randy Brenkers and Frank Verboven.
Merger control in differentiated-product industries / Franco Mariuzzo, Patrick Paul Walsh and Ciara Whelan.
Comparative advertising and competition policy / Francesca Barigozzi and Martin Peitz.
The effects of disclosure regulation on an innovative firm / Jos Jansen.
Ownership structure of cable networks and competition in local access / Duarte Brito and Pedro Pereira.