Table of Contents

Introduction / Cecelia Tichi.
Sing Me a Song about Ramblin' Man : Visions and Revisions of Hank Williams in Country Music / Christopher Metress.
Blue Moon of Kentucky Rising Over the Mystery Train : The Complex Construction of Country Music / David Sanjek.
Bloody Daggers and Lonesome Graveyard : The Gothic and Country Music / Teresa Goddu.
A Musical Legacy, A Way of Life : A Photo Essay / Charmaine Lanham.
Commercial (and/or?) Folk : The Bluegrass Industry and Bluegrass Traditions / Mark Fenster.
Mountains of Contradictions : Gender, Class, and Region in the Star Image of Dolly Parton / Pamela Wilson.
Keeping Faith : Evangelical Performance in Country Music / Curtis W. Ellison.
Girls with Guitars-and Fringe and Sequins and Rhinestones, Silk, Lace, and Leather / Mary A. Bufwack.
Event Songs / Charles K. Wolfe.
Country Green : The Money in Country Music / Don Cusie.
Country Music and the Contemporary Composer : The Case of Paul Martin Zonn / Michael Kurek and Cecelia Tichi.
"My name is Sue! How do you do?" : Johnny Cash as Lesbian Icon / Teresa Ortega.
The Dialectic of Hard-Core and Soft-Shell Country Music / Richard A. Peterson.
"The Sad Twang of Mountain Voices" : Thomas Hart Benton's Sources of Country Music / Vivien Green Fryd.
Mecca for the Country Music Scholar / Ronnie Pugh.
Country Music, Seriously : An Interview with Bill C. Malone / Cecelia Tichi.
Reading the Row / Christine Kreyling.
The Metric Makings of a Country Hit / Jocelyn Neal.
"The Voice of Woe" : Willie Nelson and Evangelical Spirituality / T. Walter Herbert.
"I'll Reap My Harvest in Heaven" : Fred Rose's Acquaintance with Country Music / John W. Rumble.
Jim Crow and the Pale Maiden : Gender, Color, and Class in Stephen Foster's "Hard Times" / Amy Schrager Lang.
Selected Discography.
Notes on Contributors.