Table of Contents

Part I Introduction.
The Role of Radiation Physics in Nuclear Medicine.
The Molecular Imaging Pathway to Biomedical Physics.
Part II Fundamental Processes on Radiation Physics.
Mechanisms of the Interactions Between Radiation and Matter.
Principles of Monte Carlo Calculations and Codes.
Part III Radiation Sources and Radiopharmaceutical Productions.
Sealed Radionuclide and X-Ray Sources in Nuclear Medicine.
Radiopharmaceutical Production.
Research and Development of New Radiopharmaceuticals.
Part IV Radiation Detectors for Medical Applications.
Basic Principles of Detection of Ionizing Radiation Used in Medical Imaging.
Scintillators and Semiconductor Detectors.
New Trends in Detectors forMedical Imaging.
Part V New Frontiers in Nuclear Medicine.
The PET Magnifier Probe.
Algorithms for Image Reconstruction.
Biokinetic Models for Radiopharmaceuticals.
Voxel Phantoms for Internal Dosimetry.