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Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication Page; Preface; Book Organization; Intended Audience; How to Study This Book; Acknowledgments; Table of Contents; List of Figures; List of Tables; Part I FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS; 1. Introduction; 2. Dynamic Versions of R-trees; 3. Static Versions of R-trees; Part II QUERY PROCESSING ISSUES; 4. Fundamental Query Processing Techniques; 5. Processing More Complex Queries; Part III R-TREES IN MODERN APPLICATIONS; 6. R-trees in Spatiotemporal Databases; 7. R-trees for Multimedia, Warehousing and Mining; Part IV ADVANCED ISSUES; 8. Query Optimization Issues. Space support in databases poses new challenges in every part of a database management system and the capability of spatial support in the physical layer is considered very important. This has led to the design of spatial access methods to enable the effective and efficient management of spatial objects. R-trees have a simplicity of structure and together with their resemblance to the B-tree, allow developers to incorporate them easily into existing database management systems for the support of spatial query processing. This book provides an extensive survey of the R-tree evolution, studying.