Table of Contents

Introduction. Becoming unbecoming: untimely mediations / E.L. McCallum and Mikko Tuhkanen.
Queer aesthetics / Claire Colebrook.
Sedgwick's twisted temporalities, "or even just reading and writing".
Jane Gallop.
Bareback time / Tim Dean.
No second chances / David Marriott.
Nostalgia for an age yet to come: Velvet Goldmine's queer archive / Dana Luciano.
Happy futures, perhaps / Sara Ahmed.
Close reading the present: Eudora Welty's queer politics / Lloyd Pratt.
"My spirit's posthumeity" and the sleeper's outflung hand: queer transmission in Absalom, absalom! / Kevin Ohi.
Stein un Zeit / E.L. McCallum.
Mestiza metaphysics / Mikko Tuhkanen.
Return from the future: James Weldon Johnson's Autobiography / Valerie Rohy.
Still here: choreography, temporality, AIDS / Steven Bruhm.
Keeping time with lesbians on ecstasy / Judith Halberstam.
Rhythm / Kathryn Bond Stockton.