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QUANTITATIVE LINGUISTICS; CONTENTS; I. QUANTITATIVE LINGUISTICS; II. METHODS OF RESEARCH; III. THE MAIN AREAS OF QUANTITATIVE LINGUISTICS; IV. OTHER DOMAINS OF QUANTITATIVE LINGUISTICS; V. THE APPLICATION OF THE RESULTS OF QUANTITATIVE LINGUISTICS; VI. QUANTITATIVE LINGUISTICS AND COMPUTERS; VII. PERSPECTIVES OF QUANTITATIVE LINGUISTICS; NOTES; REFERENCES; LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS OF THE ANALYZED TEXTS AND OTHER LANGUAGE MATERIALS; LIST OF OTHER ABBREVIATIONS; NAME INDEX; SUBJECT INDEX; Since the 1960s quantitative linguistics has undergone a great development marked especially by attempts to work systematically with language phenomena on all language levels. Besides traditional areas where significant results were already achieved before the 60s (phonology, graphemics and lexicology), quantitative linguistics has now also penetrated into morphology, syntax, stylistics, history and typology of languages and, more recently, into semantics. This book gives a comprehensive account of the various developments and applications in quantitative linguistics.After an overview of metho.