Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Function and Structure of the Respiratory System.
Chapter 2: Mechanics of Breathing.
Chapter 3: Alveolar Ventilation.
Chapter 4: Blood Flow to the Lung.
Chapter 5: Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships.
Chapter 6: Diffusion of Gases and Interpretation of Pulmonary Function Tests.
Chapter 7: Transport of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the Blood.
Chapter 8: Acid-Base Balance.
Chapter 9: Control of Breathing.
Chapter 10: Nonrespiratory Functions of the Lung.
Chapter 11: The Respiratory System Under Stress.
Clinical Problem Answers.
Common Abbreviations. For more than three decades, Michael Levitzky has provided medical students and residents with a solid background in the areas of pulmonary physiology essential for a thorough understanding of clinical medicine. This 8th teaches you how and why the human respiratory system works--in a style and presentation that makes it easy to absorb and integrate with your knowledge of other body systems.