Table of Contents

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Preface xiii.
1 Introduction I.
Floor Brouwer and David E. Ervin.
Part I Emerging Issues on Agricultural Trade and Environment.
2 Agricultural Policies and Trade Liberalisation 11.
Huib Silvis and Cindy van Rijswick.
3 World Trade and Concerns for the Human Environment 39.
W. Bradnee Chambers.
Part II Public Concerns and the Regulation of Agricultural Production.
4 European Union 57.
Floor Brouwer, Janet Dwyer and David Baldock.
5 USA 95.
Chantal Line Carpentier and David E. Ervin.
6 Canada 141.
Glenn Fox and Jennifer Kidon.
7 Australia 181.
Randy Stringer and Kym Anderson.
8 New Zealand 215.
Anton D. Meister.
9 Environmental and Human-health Standards influencing.
Competitiveness 255.
Floor Brouwer and David E. Ervin.
Part III Public Concerns and the Regulation of World Trade.
10 Environmental Standards in Developing Countries 285.
Ulrike Grote.
11 Public Concerns and Consumer Behaviour in Japan 307.
Theo H. Jonker and Ikuo Takahashi.
12 Evaluating Environmental Trade Disputes in the Post-Seattle.
World 325.
Glenn Fox.
Index 349.