Table of Contents

Multiple perspectives on the psychology of plastic surgery / Thomas Pruzinsky ... [et al.].
Psychological aspects of plastic surgery: a surgeon's observations and reflections / Robert M. Goldwyn.
Physical appearance and society / David B. Sarwer and Leanne Magee.
Body image and plastic surgery / Thomas F. Cash.
Craniofacial conditions / Kathleen A. Kapp-Simon.
Pediatric burn injury / Mary Rose and Patricia Blakeney.
Adult burn injury / James A. Fauerbach, Robert J. Spence, and David R. Patterson.
Facial trauma and facial cancer / Thomas Pruzinsky ... [et al.].
Hand trauma / Brad K. Grunert.
Orthognathic surgery / H. Asuman Kiyak.
Breast reconstruction / Georita M. Frierson and Barbara L. Andersen.
Breast reduction / V. Leroy Young and Marla E. Watson.
Genital reconstruction and gender identity disorders / Walter O. Bockting and Leo C.T. Fung.
Cosmetic surgery of the face / Canice E. Crerand, Thomas F. Cash, and Linton A. Whitaker.
Cosmetic surgery of the body / David B. Sarwer, Elizabeth R. Didie, and Lauren M. Gibbons.
Psychological assessment of cosmetic surgery patients / David B. Sarwer.
Ethical and professional considerations in craniofacial reconstructive surgery / Ronald P. Strauss, Margot B. Stein, and Carla Fenson.
Ethical considerations in cosmetic surgery / Alice M. Laneader and Paul Root Wolpe.
Professional and legal considerations in cosmetic surgery / Mark Gorney.