Table of Contents

Molecular basis of the phototherapy of furocoumarins : a theoretical study / L. Serrano-Andrés and J.J. Serrano-Pérez.
Current knowledge in Psoriasis : an overview of the skin disease/ Jessica Jean, Martha Estrella Garcia-Pérez, Simon Guérard and Roxane Pouliot.
Psoriasis : clinical features, diagnosis and treatment srategies / Gottfried Wozel.
Proteinase regulators of plasmacytoid dendritic cell trafficking and function in psoriasis / Joanna Cichy and Brian A. Zabel.
Psoriasis comorbidities and the incidence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease events in psoriasis / S. Coimbra, H. Oliveira, F. Reis, L. Belo, A. Figueiredo, F. Teixeira, E. Castro, P. Rocha-Pereira and A. Santos-Silva.
Pharmacological management of psoriasis / Poobalan Naidoo and Virendra Rambiritch.
Role of nitric oxide synthases in psoriasis / Oriana Simonetti, Guendalina Lucarini, Gaia Goteri and Annamaria Offidani.
Pathogenesis of psoriasis : an update / K.H. Basavaraj.
Psoriasis and vegetarian diets : a role for cortisol and potassium? / Reza Rastmanesh.
Psoriasis and heart disease / Ali Ahmad MD and Igor Mamkin.