Table of Contents

The discovery and characterization of protein-protein interactions / C.W. Bertoncini, A. Higueruelo, and X. Salvatella.
Biophysics of protein-protein interactions / Irene Luque.
On the logic of natural product binding in protein-protein interactivity / James J. La Clair.
Interface peptides / Mark W. Peczuh and Richard T. Desmond.
Inhibition of protein-protein interactions by peptide mimics / Jorge Becerril ... [et al.].
Discovery of inhibitors of protein-protein interactions by screening chemical libraries / Carlos García-Echeverría.
High-throughput methods of chemical synthesis applied to the preparation of inhibitors of protein-protein interactions / Annaliese K. Franz, Jared T. Shaw and Yuchen Tang.
In silico screening / F.J. Luque and X. Barril.
In vitro screening : screening by nuclear magnetic resonance / Ernest Giralt.
In vitro screening : methods of high-throughput screening / Wenjiao Song and Qing Lin.
Case study : inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction / Sanjeev Shangary, Denzil Bernard and Shaomeng Wang.
Case study : the discovery of potent LFA-1 antagonists / Tom Gadek.