Table of Contents

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Methodology. Ionization Methods in Protein Mass Spectrometry / Ismael Cotte-Rodriguez, Yun Zhang, Zhixin Miao, Hao Chen.
Ion Activation and Mass Analysis in Protein Mass Spectrometry / Cheng Lin, Peter O'Connor.
Target Proteins: Bottom-Up and Top-Down Proteomics / Michael Boyne, Ron Bose.
Quantitative Proteomics by Mass Spectrometry / Jacob Galan, Anton Iliuk, W Andy Tao.
Comparative Proteomics by Direct Tissue Analysis Using Imaging Mass Spectrometry / Michelle L Reyzer, Richard M Caprioli.
Peptide and Protein Analysis Using Ion Mobility₆Mass Spectrometry / Jeffrey R Enders, Michal Kliman, Sevugarajan Sundarapandian, John A McLean.
Chemical Footprinting for Determining Protein Properties and Interactions / Sandra A Kerfoot, Michael L Gross.
Microwave Technology to Accelerate Protein Analysis / Urooj A Mirza, Birendra N Pramanik, Ajay K Bose.
Bioinformatics and Database Searching / Surendra Dasari, David L Tabb.
Applications. Mass Spectrometry-Based Screening and Characterization of Protein₆Ligand Complexes in Drug Discovery / Christine L Andrews, Michael R Ziebell, Elliott Nickbarg, Xianshu Yang.
Utilization of Mass Spectrometry for the Structural Characterization of Biopharmaceutical Protein Products / Amareth Lim, Catherine A Srebalus Barnes.
Post-Translationally Modified Proteins: Glycosylation, Phosphorylation, and Disulfide Bond Formation / Anthony Tsarbopoulos, Fotini N Bazoti.
Mass Spectrometry of Antigenic Peptides / Henry Rohrs.
Neuropeptidomics / Jonathan V Sweedler, Fang Xie, Adriana Bora.
Mass Spectrometry for the Study of Peptide Drug Metabolism / Patrick J Rudewicz.
Index. Ionization methods in protein mass spectrometry / Ismael Cotte-Rodriguez ... [et al.].
Ion activation and mass analysis in protein mass spectrometry / Cheng Lin and Peter O'Connor.
Target proteins : bottom-up and top-down proteomics / Michael Boyne and Ron Bose.
Quantitative proteomics by mass spectrometry / Jacob Galan, Anton Iliuk and W. Andy Tao.
Comparative proteomics by direct tissue analysis using imaging mass spectrometry / Michelle L. Reyzer and Richard M. Caprioli.
Peptide and protein analysis using ion mobility-mass spectrometry / Jeffrey R. Enders ... [et al.].
Chemical footprinting for determining protein properties and interactions / Sandra A. Kerfoot and Michael L. Gross.
Microwave technology to accelerate protein analysis / Urooj A. Mirza, Birendra N. Pramanik and Ajay K. Bose.
Bioinformatics and database searching / Surendra Dasari and David L. Tabb.
Mass spectrometry-based screening and characterization of protein-ligand complexes in drug discovery / Christine L. Andrews ... [et al.].
Utilization of mass spectrometry for the structural characterization of biopharmaceutical protein products / Amareth Lim and Catherine A. Srebalus Barnes.
Post-translationally modified proteins : glycosylation, phosphorylation, and disulfide bond formation / Anthony Tsarbopoulos and Fotini N. Bazoti.
Mass spectrometry of antigenic peptides / Henry Rohrs.
Neuropeptidomics / Jonathan V. Sweedler, Fang Xie and Adriana Bora.
Mass spectrometry for the study of peptide drug metabolism / Patrick J. Rudewicz. With chapters provided by international leading experts, this book covers the recent advances in protein and peptide mass spectrometry. Focusing on the pharmaceutical industry, it addresses both emerging techniques, including imaging mass spectrometry, ion mobility, and microwave-assisted mass spectrometry, and recent applications, including pharmaceutical analysis throughout the drug development cycle. The book stresses practice and applications, providing real world examples from industry contributors. After overviewing methodology and discussing recent studies, the remaining chapters address newer techniques for determining protein structure, interactions with peptides, proteins, and ligands, and protein folding and unfolding.