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Prosody in Interaction; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; Foreword; Preface; List of contributors; Introduction; Prosody in interaction; Future prospects of research on prosody: The need for publicly available corpora; Part I. Prosody and other levels of linguistic organization in interaction; The phonetic constitution of a turn-holding practice; Rush-throughs as social action; Prosodic constructions in making complaints; The relevance of context to the performing of a complaint; Prosodic variation in responses. Prosody is constitutive for spoken interaction. In more than 25 years, its study has grown into a full-fledged and very productive field with a sound catalogue of research methods and principles. This volume presents the state of the art, illustrates current research trends and uncovers potential directions for future research. It will therefore be of major interest to everyone studying spoken interaction. The collection brings together an impressive range of internationally renowned scholars from different, yet closely related and compatible research traditions which have made a significant c.