Table of Contents

The history and current state of productive aging. Productive aging : principles and perspectives / James Hinterlong, Nancy Morrow-Howell, and Michael Sherraden. Productive aging in historical perspective / W. Andrew Achenbaum. Productive aging : a conceptual framework / Scott A. Bass and Francis G. Caro.
Disciplinary perspectives on productive aging. Biomedical perspectives on productive aging / Alvar Svanborg. Psychological implications of productive aging / James E. Birren. Sociological perspectives on productive aging / Brent A. Taylor and Vern L. Bengtson. Productive aging : an economist's view / James H.. Schulz.
Emergent theories in gerontology. Productive aging and the ideology of old age / Harry R. Moody. The political economy of productive aging / Carroll L. Estes and Jane Mahakian. Changes over the life course in productive activities : black and white comparison / James Jackson.
Future directions in practices, theory, and research. Structural lead : building the new institution for an aging America / Marc Freedman. Productive aging : theoretical choices and directions / Michael Sherraden, Nancy Morrow-Howell, and James Hinterlong. Setting a research agenda on productivity in later life / Nancy Morrow-Howell [and others].