Table of Contents

A leisurely look at statistical inference / Dirk Husmeier.
Introduction to learning Bayesian networks from data / Dir Husmeier.
A casual view of multi-layer perceptrons as probability models / Richard Dybowski.
Introduction to statistical phylogenetics / Dirk Husmeier.
Detecting recombination in DNA sequence alignments / Dirk Husmeier, Frank Wright.
RNA-based phylogenetic methods / Magnus Rattray, Paul G. Higgs.
Statistical methods in microarray gene expression data analysis / Claus-Dieter Mayer, Chris A. Glasbey.
Inferring genetic regulatory networks from microarray experiments with Bayesian networks / Dirk Husmeier.
Modeling genetic regulatory networks using gene expression profiling and state-space models / Claudia Rangel ... [et al.].
An anthology of probabilistic models for medical informatics / Richard Dybowski, Stephen Roberts.
Bayesian analysis of population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models / David J. Lunn.
Assessing the effectiveness of Bayesian feature selection / Ian T. Nabney ... [et al.].
Bayes consistent classification of EEG data by approximate marginalization / Peter Sykacek, Iead Rezek, and Stephen Roberts.
Ensemble hidden Markov models with extended observation densities for biosignal analysis / Iead Rezek, Stephen Roberts.
A probabilistic network for fusion of data and knowledge in clinical microbiology / Steen Andreassen ... [et al.].
Software for probability models in medical informatics / Richard Dybowski.