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Foreword; Acknowledgments; Contents; Contributors; Part I Overview; 1 Introduction to Privacy and Anonymity in Information Management Systems; 2 Advanced Privacy-Preserving Data Managementand Analysis; Part II Theory of SDC; 3 Practical Applications in Statistical Disclosure ControlUsing R; 4 Disclosure Risk Assessment for Sample Microdata Through Probabilistic Modeling; 5 Exploiting Auxiliary Information in the Estimation of Per-Record Risk of Disclosure; 6 Statistical Disclosure Control in Tabular Data; Part III Preserving Privacy in Distributed Applications. The development of information technologies in the last few years has been remarkable. Large amounts of data are collected and stored by both public institutions and private companies every day. There are clear threats to the privacy of citizens if no care is taken when collecting, storing and disseminating data. Ensuring privacy for individuals in a society when dealing with digital information, is a task which involves many agents, including politicians, legal authorities, managers, developers, and system administrators. "Privacy and Anonymity in Information Management Systems" dea.