Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction to regenerative medicine.
Current and future perspectives of regenerative medicine / Anthony Atala & Mark E. Furth.
Fundamentals of cell-based therapies / Ross Tubo.
Stem cell research / T. Ahsan, A.M. Doyle, & Robert M. Nerem.
Part II: Biologic and molecular basis of regenerative medicine.
Molecular organization of cells / Jon D. Ahlstrom & Carol A. Erickson.
Cell-ECM interactions in repair and regeneration / M. Petreaca & Manuela Martins-Green.
Developmental mechanisms of regeneration / David L. Stocum.
Molecular basis of pluripotency in principles of regenerative medicine / Ariel J. Levine & Ali H. Brivanlou.
How cells change their phenotype / Peter W. Andrews & Paul J. Gokhale.
Somatic cloning and epigenetic reprogramming in mammals / Heiner Niemann [and others].
Transgenic cloned goats and cows for the production of therapeutic proteins / William Gavin [and others].
Part III: Cells and tissue development.
Genetic approaches in human embryonic stem cells and their derivatives / Junfeng Ji, Bonan Zhong & Mickie Bhatia.
Embryonic stem cells: derivation and properties / Junying Yu & James Thomson.
Stem cells derived from amniotic fluid and placenta / Paolo De Coppi, Shay Soker & Anthony Atala.
Stem cells derived from cord blood / Julie G. Allickson.
Multipotent adult progenitor cells / Catherine M. Verfaillie [and others].
Bone marrow stem cells: properties and pluripotency / Munira Xaymardan [and others].
Hematopoietic stem cells properties, markers and therapeutics / S.M. Chambers, William J. Lindblad & M.A Goodell.
Neural stem cells / Yang D. Teng [and others].
Mesenchymal stem cells / Zulma Gazit [and others].
Hepatic stem cells: lineage biology and pluripotency / N. Cheng, Hsin-lei Yao & Lola M. Reid.
Skeletal muscle stem cells / Jason H. Pomerantz & Helen Blau.
Islet cell therapy and pancreatic stem cells / Juan Dominguez-Bendala, Antonello Pileggi & Camillo Ricordi.
Regenerative medicine for diseases of the retina / Deepak Lamba & Thomas A. Reh.
Peripheral blood stem cells / Shay Soker, Gunter Schuch & J. Koudy Williams.
Prospects of somatic cell nuclear transfer-derived embryonic stem cells in regenerative medicine / Z. Beyhan & J.B. Cibelli.
Somatic cells: growth and expansion potential of T lymphocytes / Rita B. Effros.
Mechanical determinants of tissue development / Jonathan A. Kluge, Gary G. Leisk & David Kaplan.
Morphogenesis and morphogenetic proteins / A.H. Reddi.
Physical stress as a factor in tissue growth and remodeling / Robert E. Guldberg [and others].
Engineering cellular microenvironments / Wendy F. Liu [and others].
Applications of nanotechnology / Benjamin S. Harrison.
GeneChips in regenerative medicine / Jason Hipp & Anthony Atala.
Part IV: Biomaterials for regenerative medicine.
Design principles in biomaterials and scaffolds / Hyukjin Lee & Tae Gwan Park.
Naturally occurring scaffold materials / Stephen F. Badylak.
Synthetic polymers / M.C. Hacker & A.G. Mikos.
Hybrid, composite, and complex biomaterials for scaffolds / Gilson Khang [and others].
Surface modification of biomaterials / Andrés J. Garcia.
Cell-substrate interactions / Aparna Nori [and others].
Histogenesis in three-dimensional scaffolds / Nicole M. Bergmann & Jennifer West.
Biocompatibility and bioresponse to biomaterials / James M. Anderson.
Essential elements of wound healing / William J. Lindblad.
Proteins controlled with precision at organic, polymeric and biopolymer interfaces for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine / Buddy D. Ratner.
Part V: Therapeutic applications: cell therapy.
Biomineralization and bone regeneration / Jiang Hu, Xiaohua Liu & Peter X. Ma.
Blood substitutes: reverse evolution from oxygen carrying to non-oxygen carrying plasma expanders / Amy Tsai, Marcos Intaglietta & Mark Van Dyke.
Articular cartilage / Francois Ng kee Kwong & Myron Spector.
Implantation of myogenic cells in skeletal muscles / Daniel Skuk & Jacques P. Tremblay.
Islet cell transplantation / Juliet A. Emamaullee & A.M. James Shapiro.
Cell-based repair for cardiovascular regeneration and neovascularization: what, why, how and where are we going in the next 5-10 years? / Doris A. Taylor & Andrey G. Zenovich.
Retinal pigment epithelium derived from embryonic stem cells / Irina Klimanskaya.
Cell therapies for bone regeneration / Rehan N. Khanzada [and others].
Cell-based therapies for musculoskeletal repair / Wan-Ju Li [and others].
Hepatocyte transplantation / Steven C. Strom & Ewa C.S. Ellis / Bioartificial livers / Randall E. McClelland & Lola Reid.
Neuronal transplantation for stroke / Douglas Kondziolka & Lawrence Wechsler.
Cell-based drug delivery / Grace J. Lim, Sang Jin Lee & Anthony Atala.
Part VI: Therapeutic applications: tissue therapy.
Fetal tissues / Seyung Chung & Chester J. Koh.
Engineering of large diameter vessels / Saami K. Yazdani & George Christ.
Engineering of small diameter vessels / Chrysanthi Williams & Robert Tranquillo.
Vascular assembly in engineered and natural tissues / Eric M. Brey & Larry V. McIntire.
Cardiac tissue / Milica Radisic & Michael V. Sefton.
Regenerative medicine in the cornea / Heather Sheardown & May Griffith.
Alimentary tract / Mike K. Chen.
Liver cell-based therapy in regenerative medicine.
bioreactors as enabling technology / Jörg Gerlach [and others].
Intracorporeal kidney support / James J. Yoo, Akira Joraku & Anthony Atala.
The kidney / William H. Fissell & H. David Humes.
Genitourinary system / Anthony Atala.
Tissue engineering of the reproductive system / Stefano Giuliani [and others].
Therapeutic opportunities for bone grafting / Jeffrey O. Hollinger [and others]-- Cartilage tissue engineering / Paulesh Shah [and others].
Phalanges and small joints / Makoto Komura [and others].
Functional tissue engineering of ligament and tendon injuries / Savio L.-Y. Woo [and others].
Tissue therapy: implications of regenerative medicine for skeletal muscle / Shen Wei & Johnny Huard.
Tissue therapy: central nervous system / Jordan H. Wosnick, M. Douglas Baumann & Molly Shoichet.
Peripheral nerve regeneration / Mahesh C. Dodla & Ravi Bellamkonda --Dental tissue engineering / Yan Lin & Pamela Yelick.
Innovative regenerative medicine approaches to skin cell-based therapy for patients with burn injuries / Jörg Gerlach [and others].
Military needs and solutions in regenerative medicine / Sara Wargo, Alan J. Russell & Col. John B. Holcomb.
Part VII: Regulations and ethics.
Ethical considerations / Louis M. Guenin.
To make is to know: the ethical issues in human tissue engineering / Laurie Zoloth.
US stem cell research policy / Josephine Johnston.
Overview of FDA regulatory process / Celia Witten [and others].
Current issues in US patent law / Patrea L. Pabst.
Index. Virtually any disease that results from malfunctioning, damaged, or failing tissues may be potentially cured through regenerative medicine therapies, by either regenerating the damaged tissues in vivo, or by growing the tissues and organs in vitro and implanting them into the patient. Principles of Regenerative Medicine discusses the latest advances in technology and medicine for replacing tissues and organs damaged by disease and of developing therapies for previously untreatable conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and renal failure. Key for all researchers and instituions in Stem Cell Biology, Bioengineering, and Developmental Biology The first of its kind to offer an advanced understanding of the latest technologies in regenerative medicine New discoveries from leading researchers on restoration of diseased tissues and organs.