Table of Contents

Stating th problem.
Environmental sciences, sustainability, and quality / Jan J. Boersema.
Biogeochemical cycles / Lucas Reijnders.
Reconstructing environmental changes over the last 3 million years / A.M. Mannion.
Environmental history: object of study and methodology / Petra J.E.M. van Dam and S. Wybren Verstegen.
Human environmental history since the origin of agriculture / Clive Ponting.
Recent developments and trends / Lucas Reijnders, Jan Bakkes, and Klaas van Egmond.
Principles and methods.
General principles / Craig Dilworth.
Specific principles / Lucas Reijnders.
Social science and environmental behaviour / Linda Steg and Charles Vlek.
The natural environment / Piet H. Nienhuis with contributions of Egbert Boeker.
Analytical tools for the environment-economy interaction / Paul Ekins.
Analysis of physical interactions between the economy and the environment / Helias A. Udo de Haes and Reinout Heijungs.
Environmental policy instruments / Gjalt Huppes and Udo E. Simonis.
Environmental institutions and learning: perspectives from the policy sciences / Matthijs Hisschemöller, Jan Eberg, Anita Engels, and Konrad von Moltke.
Technology for environmental problems / Karel Mulder.
Integration / Jan J. Boersema.
Environmental modelling / H.J.M. (Bert) de Vries.
An illustration of the LCA technique / Reinout Heijungs.
Integrated assessment / Jean-Paul Hettelingh, Bert J.M. de Vries, and Leen Hordijk.
Context and perspectives.
Environmental policies in their cultural and historical contexts / Maurie J. Cohen.
National policy styles and waste management in the Netherlands and Bavaria / Jan Eberg.
Land use in Zimbabwe and neighbouring Southern African countries / Ignas M.A. Heitkönig and Herbert H.T. Prins.
Climate change policy of Germany, UK and USA / Richard van der Wurff.
Technical progress, finite resources and intergenerational justice / Wilfred Beckerman.
Sustainability is an objective value / Herman E. Daly.
A rejoinder to Wilfred Beckerman and Herman Daly / Roefie Hueting.
Transitions to sustainability as societal innovations / Anna J. Wieczorek and Frans Berkhout.
Agriculture and food problems / David Pimentel.
Tracing the sustainable development of nations with integrated indicators / Bastiaan Zoeteman.