Table of Contents

A framework for understanding change / F. Stuart Chapin III, Carl Folke, and Gary P. Kofinas.
Managing ecosystems sustainably : the key role of resilience / F. Stuart Chapin III.
Sustaining livelihoods and human well-being during social-ecological change / Gary P. Kofinas and F. Stuart Chapin III.
Adaptive co-management in social-ecological governance / Gary P. Kofinas.
Transformations in ecosystem stewardship / Carl Folke, F. Stuart Chapin III, and Per Olsson.
Conservation, community, and livelihoods : sustaining, renewing, and adapting cultural connections to the land / Fikret Berkes, Gary P. Kofinas, and F. Stuart Chapin III.
Forest systems : living with long-term change / Frederick J. Swanson and F. Stuart Chapin III.
Drylands : coping with uncertainty, thresholds, and changes in state / D. Mark Stafford Smith ... [et al.].
Freshwaters : managing across scales in space and time / Stephen R. Carpenter and Reinette Biggs.
Oceans and estuaries : managing the commons / Carl Walters and Robert Ahrens.
Coastal marine systems : conserving fish and sustaining community livelihoods with co-management / Evelyn Pinkerton.
Managing food production systems for resilience / Rosamond L. Naylor.
Cities : managing densely settled social-ecological systems / J. Morgan Grove.
The earth system : sustaining planetary life-support systems / Oran R. Young and Will Steffen.
Resilience-based stewardship : strategies for navigating sustainable pathways in a changing world / F. Stuart Chapin III ... [et al.].