Table of Contents

Basic biostatistics for the clinical trialist / Elizabeth G. Hill and Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer.
Fundamental concepts in clinical pharmacology / Daniel L. Gustafson and Erica L. Bradshaw-Pierce.
Bioanalycial methods in clinical drug development / Walter J. Loos, Peter de Bruijn and Alex Sparreboom.
Preclinical models for anticancer drug development / Edward A. Sausville.
Phase I clinical trials with anticancer agents / Stephen Leong ... [et al.].
Phase II trials with anticancer agents / Hui K. Gan, J. Jack Lee and Lillian L. Siu.
Phase III clinical trials with anticancer agents / Wendy R. Parulekar and Daniel J. Sargent.
Pharmacokinetic studies in early anticancer drug development / Alex Sparreboom and Sharyn D. Baker.
Pharmacodynamic studies in early phase drug development / D. Ross Camidge, Robert C. Doebele and Antonio Jimeno.
Prediction of antitumor response / Fred R. Hirsch and Yu Shyr.
Imaging studies in anticancer drug development / David A. Mankoff.
Role of the U.S. Food and drug administration in cancer drug development / Ann T. Farrell, Ramzi N. Dagher and Richard Pazdur.
Early clinical trials with cytotoxic agents / M.J.A. de Jonge and Jaap Verweij.
Challenges and successes in developing effective anti-angiogenic agents / Laura Q.M. Chow and S. Gail Eckhardt.
Targeted therapeutics in cancer treatment / Colin D. Weekes and Manuel Hidalgo.
Cancer chemoprevention / Christopher H. Lieu, William N. William Jr. and Scott Lippman.
Combined modality therapy in cancer management / David Raben and Kyle Rusthoven.
Cancer vaccines / Daniel Laheru.
Optimising the development of antibodies as treatment for cancer / Craig P. Carden, Hendrik-Tobias Arkenau and Johann S. de Bono.
Oligonucleotide therapeutics / Cy A. Stein, Britta Hoehn and John Rossi.
Anticancer drug development in pediatric patients / Lia Gore and Margaret Macy.
Clinical trials in special populations / S. Percy Ivy ... [et al.].
NCI-sponsored clinical trials / Andriana Papaconstantinou and Janet E. Dancey. This is a practical guide to the design, conduction, analysis and reporting of clinical trials with anticancer drugs.