Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Introduction to Mixtures Toxicology and Risk Assessment / M Moiz Mumtaz, William A Suk, Raymond S H Yang.
Chemical Mixtures in the Environment: Exposure Assessment / Glenn Rice, Margaret MacDonell.
Application of a Relative Potency Factor Approach in the Assessment of Health Risks Associated with Exposures to Mixtures of Dioxin-Like Compounds / Daniele F Staskal, Linda S Birnbaum, Laurie C Haws.
Statistical Methods in Risk Assessment of Chemical Mixtures / Chris Gennings.
Modeling Kinetic Interactions of Chemical Mixtures / Jerry L Campbell, Kannan Krishnan, Harvey J Clewell, Melvin E Andersen.
Toxicodynamic Interactions / Binu K Philip, S Satheesh Anand, Harihara M Mehendale.
Toxicological Interaction Thresholds of Chemical Mixtures / Hisham El-Masri.
Characterization of Toxicoproteomics Maps for Chemical Mixtures Using Information Theoretic Approach / Subhash C Basak, Brian D Gute, Nancy A Monteiro-Riviere, Frank A Witzmann.
Pharmacokinetic Mechanisms of Interactions in Chemical Mixtures / Kannan Krishnan, Alan Sasso, Panos Georgopoulos.
Chemical Mixtures and Cumulative Risk Assessment / John C Lipscomb, Jason C Lambert, Linda K Teuschler.
Application of ATSDR's Mixtures Guidance for the Toxicity Assessment of Hazardous Waste Sites / David Mellard, Mark Johnson, Moiz Mumtaz.
Application of Mixture Methodology for Workplace Exposures / Frank J Hearl.
Assessing Risk of Drug Combinations / Christopher J Borgert, Alexander A Constan.
Dermal Chemical Mixtures / Ronald E Baynes, Jim E Riviere.
Synergy: A Risk Management Perspective / Paul S Price.
Chemistry, Toxicity, and Health Risk Assessment of Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products / Jane Ellen Simmons, Linda K Teuschler.
Endocrine Active Chemicals / Ed Carney, Kent Woodburn, Craig Rowlands.
Evaluation of Interactions in Chemical Mixtures / Hana R Pohl, Moiz Mumtaz, Mike Fay, Christopher T De Rosa.
Thyroid-Active Environmental Pollutants and Their Interactions on the Hypothalamic₆Pituitary₆Thyroid Axis / Eva D McLanahan, Jeffrey W Fisher.
Toxic and Genotoxic Effects of Mixtures of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons / K C Donnelly, Ziad S Naufal.
Development of Models to Assess Toxicity of Engineered Nanomaterials / Laura K Braydich-Stolle, Richard C Murdock, Saber M Hussain.
The Application of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics, Bayesian Population PBPK Modeling, and Biochemical Reaction Network Modeling to Chemical Mixture Toxicology / Raymond S H Yang, Arthur N Mayeno, Michael A Lyons, Brad Reisfeld.
Food Ingredients are Sometimes Mixtures / Mary E LaVecchia, Paulette M Gaynor, Negash Belay, Rebecca P Danam, Antonia Mattia.
Biomonitoring / Richard Y Wang, P Barry Ryan, Moiz Mumtaz.
Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions / Patricia Ruiz, Moiz Mumtaz, Chander Mehta.
Index. This first comprehensive treatment of the subject for more than a decade includes the latest research on nanoparticle toxicology. The practical handbook addresses all areas where toxic mixtures are encountered, from environmental via occupational to medical settings, giving special consideration to air and water, and to the specific requirements for study design in mixture toxicology. While no extensive prior knowledge or toxicological experience is required, the practice-oriented case studies and examples in the second part make this the ideal companion for the professional toxicologist in in.