Table of Contents

Definition of primary intraocular lymphoma.
History of primary intraocular lymphoma (1950s-1970s).
Classification of lymphomas.
Epidemiology of primary intraocular lymphoma.
Clinical manifestations of PIOL.
Immunology of PIOL.
Diagnostic approaches.
Management and treatment of PIOL.
Prognosis in PIOL.
Hypotheses on the origin of PIOL.
Experimental models of PIOL.
Summary and algorithm.
The future of PIOL.
Case illustrations. Essential reading for both medical students and academics in the fields of ophthalmology, neurology and oncology, this is the first textbook to cover the subject of primary intraocular lymphoma (PIOL). The book serves to educate ophthalmologists, neurologists and oncologists on a disease process that is often difficult to diagnose. To help readers recognize the malignancy, a presentation of common and less frequently occurring clinical manifestations of the disease is given. The book provides ophthalmologists the guidelines on current diagnostic and therapeutic modalities as well as the histor.