Table of Contents

Systems Biology Approaches to Nutrition / James C. Fleet.
Nutritional Epigenetics / Robert A. Waterland.
Genetic Variation and Nutrient Metabolism / Leah E. Cahill and Ahmed El-Sohemy.
Metabolomics / Thomas M. O'Connell and Wei Jia.
Energy Metabolism in Fasting, Fed, Exercise, and Re-feeding States / Sai Krupa Das and Susan B. Roberts.
Protein and Amino Acids / Paul B. Pencharz.
Carbohydrates / Lisa M. Sanders and Joanne R. Lupton.
Dietary Fiber / Ian T. Johnson.
Lipids: Absorption and Transport / Alice H. Lichtenstein and Peter J.H. Jones.
Lipids: Cellular Metabolism / Peter J.H. Jones and Andrea A. Papamandjaris.
Vitamin A / Noel W. Solomons.
Carotenoids / Brian L. Lindshield.
Vitamin D / Anthony W. Norman and Helen L. Henry.
Vitamin E / Maret G. Traber.
Vitamin K / Guylaine Ferland.
Vitamin C / Carol S. Johnston.
Thiamin / Lucien Bettendorff.
Riboflavin / Donald B. McCormick.
Niacin / W. Todd Penberthy and James B. Kirkland.
Vitamin B6 / Vanessa R. da Silva, Katelyn A. Russell, and Jesse F. Gregory III.
Folate / Lynn B. Bailey and Marie A. Caudill.
Vitamin B12 / Sally P. Stabler.
Biotin / Janos Zempleni, Subhashinee S.K. Wijeratne, and Toshinobu Kuroishi.
Pantothenic Acid / Joshua W. Miller and Robert B. Rucker.
L-Carnitine / Charles J. Rebouche.
Choline / Steven H. Zeisel and Karen D. Corbin.
Dietary Flavonoids / Gary Williamson.
Calcium / Connie M. Weaver.
Phosphorus / Robert P. Heaney.
Magnesium / Stella Lucia Volpe.
Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium / Harry G. Preuss and Dallas L. Clouatre.
Human Water and Electrolyte Balance / Robert W. Kenefi ck, Samuel N. Cheuvront, Scott J. Montain, Robert Carter, III, and Michael N. Sawka.
Iron / Peter J. Aggett.
Zinc / Roberta R. Holt, Janet Y. Uriu-Adams, and Carl L. Keen.
Copper / Joseph R. Prohaska.
Iodine and Iodine Deficiency Disorders / Michael B. Zimmermann.
Selenium / Emily N. Terry and Alan M. Diamond.
Manganese, Molybdenum, Boron, Chromium, and Other Trace Elements / Forrest H. Nielsen.
Maternal Nutrient Metabolism and Requirements in Pregnancy and Lactation / Lindsay H. Allen.
Infant Nutrition / William C. Heird.
Adolescence / Asim Maqbool, Kelly A. Dougherty, Elizabeth P. Parks, and Virginia A. Stallings.
Nutrition and Aging / Marion Secher, Patrick Ritz, and Bruno Vellas.
Sports Nutrition / Louise M. Burke.
Nutrient Regulation of the Immune Response / Philip C. Calder and Parveen Yaqoob.
Obesity as a Health Risk / Sue D. Pedersen, Anders Sjödin, and Arne Astrup.
Hypertension / Thomas A.B. Sanders.
Insulin Resistance and the Metabolic Syndrome / Jennie Brand-Miller and Stephen Colagiuri.
Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease / Simone D. Holligan, Claire E. Berryman, Li Wang, Michael R. Flock, Kristina A. Harris, and Penny M. Kris-Etherton.
Diabetes / Lindsay M. Jaacks, Judith Wylie-Rosett, and Elizabeth J. Mayer-Davis.
Osteoporosis / John J.B. Anderson.
Cancer / Holly Nicastro and John A. Milner.
Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Illness / Alan L. Buchman and Stephen A. McClave.
Kidney Disease / Thiane G. Axelsson, Michal Chmielewski, and Bengt Lindholm.
Liver Disease / Craig J. McClain, Daniell B. Hill, and Luis Marsano.
Alcohol: Its Role in Nutrition and Health / Paolo M. Suter.
Eye Disease / Rohini Vishwanathan and Elizabeth J. Johnson.
Specialized Nutrition Support / Vivian M. Zhao and Thomas R. Ziegler.
Body Composition Evaluation / Krista Casazza and Tim R. Nagy.
Estimation of Dietary Intake / Wija A. van Staveren, Marga C. Ocké, and Jeanne H.M. de Vries.
Taste and Food Choices / Adam Drewnowski and Pablo Monsivais.
Energy Intake, Obesity, and Eating Behavior / Alexandra M. Johnstone.
Strategies for Changing Eating and Exercise Behavior to Promote Weight Loss and Maintenance / Rena R. Wing, Amy Gorin, and Deborah F. Tate.
Epidemiologic Approaches to Evaluation of Nutrition and Health / Susan E. Steck.
Nutrition Monitoring in the United States / Ronette R. Briefel and Margaret A. McDowell.
Dietary Standards and Guidelines: Similarities and Differences Among Countries / Johanna T. Dwyer.
The Role of United Nations Agencies in Establishing International Dietary Standards / Robert Weisell and Janice Albert.
Emergence of Diet-Related Chronic Diseases in Developing Countries / Barry M. Popkin.
Food Insecurity, Hunger, and Undernutrition / David L. Pelletier, Christine M. Olson, and Edward A. Frongillo.
Public Nutrition in Humanitarian Crises / Helen Young, Kate Sadler, and Annalies Borrel.
Foodborne Infections and Food Safety / Robert V. Tauxe and Marguerite A. Neill.
Food Allergies and Intolerances / Steve L. Taylor and Joseph L. Baumert.
Food Biofortification: Breeding and Biotechnology Approaches to Improve Nutrients in Vegetables and Oil Quality in Soybean / Prasad Bellur, Shantala Lakkanna, Jaya Joshi, Joseph Cornelius, Federico Tripodi, and Sekhar Boddupalli.
Bioactive Components in Foods and Supplements for Health Promotion / Paul M. Coates, Holly Nicastro, and John A. Milner.