Table of Contents

Hepatobiliary disease / Susan B. Glick and David B. Glick.
Neurologic disease / Angela M. Bader and David L. Hepner.
Musculoskeletal and autoimmune diseases / Parwane S. Parsa.
Psychiatric disease, chronic pain, and substance abuse / Jane C. Ballantyne.
Miscellaneous issues / James B. Mayfield and Benjamin E. McCurdy.
The pregnant patient for nonobstetric surgery / Robert Gaiser.
The pediatric patient / Lynne R. Ferrari.
Anesthetic-specific issues / Alan Klock.
Perioperative management issues / Stephen D. Small and BobbieJean Sweitzer.
Organizational infrastructure of a preoperative evaluation center / Angela M. Bader and Darin J. Correll.
Preoperative assessment for specific procedures or locations / Thomas W. Cutter.
Case studies in preoperative evaluation / Douglas C. Shook and BobbieJean Sweitzer. Risk reduction and risk assessment / Avery Tung.
Overview of preoperative evaluation and testing / BobbieJean Sweitzer.
Ischemic heart disease / William Vernick and Lee A. Fleisher.
Nonischemic heart disease and vascular disease / Ann T. Tong and Marc A. Rozner.
Pulmonary diseases / Evans R. Fernández Pérez ... [et al.].
Endocrine and metabolic disorders / Vivek K. Moitra and BobbieJean Sweitzer.
Hematologic issues / Ajay Kumar and Amir K. Jaffer.
Renal disease / Padraig Mahon and George D. Shorten --.