Table of Contents

Preemption and theories of federalism / Robert R.M. Verchick and Nina Mendelson.
From dualism to polyphony / Robert A. Schapiro.
Preemption and regulatory failure risks / David C. Vladeck.
The state attorney general and preemption / Trevor W. Morrison.
Federal floors, ceilings, and the benefits of federalism's institutional diversity / William W. Buzbee.
Supreme Court preemption doctrine / Christopher H. Schroeder.
When Congress goes unheard : savings clauses' rocky judicial reception / Sandy Zellmer.
Federal preemption by inaction / Robert L. Glicksman.
Process-based preemption / Bradford R. Clark.
Preemption by federal agency action / William Funk.
The regulation.
common law feedback loop in non-preemptive regimes / Thomas O. McGarity.
Delegated federalism versus devolution : some insights from the history of the water pollution control / William L. Andreen.
Adaptive environmental federalism / David E. Adelman and Kirsten H. Engel.
Conclusion : the menu of preemption choice variables / William W. Buzbee. This 2009 book examines the theory, law, and reality of preemption choice.