Table of Contents

An introduction to predation in organisms / Ashraf M.T. Elewa.
Predation due to changes in the environment : ostracod provinciality at the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum in North and West Africa and the Middle East / Ashraf M.T. Elewa.
Predation on Miocene ostracods of Wadi Um Ashtan, Mersa Matruh, Western Desert, Egypt / Ashraf M.T. Elewa.
Ostracod carnivory through time / I. Wilkinson ... [et al.].
Trophic relationships in crustacean decapods of a river with a floodplain / P. Collins, V. Williner and F. Giri.
The role of predation in shaping biological communities, with particular emphasis to insects / Panos P. Petrakis and Anastasios Legakis.
Biological control of mosquito populations : an applied aspect of pest control by means of natural enemies / Anna Samanidou-Voyadjoglou, Vassilios Roussis and Panos V. Petrakis.
A case for cannibalism : confamilial and conspecific predation by naticid gastropods, Cretaceous through Pleistocene of the United States Coastal Plain / Patricia H. Kelly and Thor A. Hansen.
On models for the dynamics of predator-prey interaction / Richard A. Reyment.
Evolutionary consequences of predation : avoidance, escape, reproduction, and diversification / R. Brian Langerhans.
Predation impacts and management strategies for wildlife protection / Michael J. Bodenchuk and David J. Hayes.
Invasive predators : a synthesis of the past, present, and futire / William C. Pitt and Gary W. Wilmer.
Predator-prey interaction of Brazilian Cretaceous toothed pterosaurs : a case example / André J. Veldmeijer, Marco Signore and Enrico Bucci.