Table of Contents

Hematolymphoid Proliferations of the Skin.
Molecular Testing in Cutaneous Mesenchymal Tumors.
Molecular Pathology of Cutaneous Adnexal Tumors.
Infectious diseases of the skin.
Application of Molecular Pathology to Cutaneous Melanocytic Lesions.
Application of Molecular Pathology to Tissue Identification in Cutaneous Pathology. This volume is a concise yet comprehensive resource for physicians dealing with, and interested in, the field of molecular pathology in dermatopathology. The book includes descriptions of the techniques and their application to cutaneous diseases and describes possible future techniques and their use in dermatopathology. Special emphasis is also given to the practical application of these techniques to particular situations illustrated by demonstrative cases. Written by experts in their fields, Precision Molecular Pathology of Dermatologic Diseases is of great value to pathologists, dermatologists, resident and fellows, internists, and general practitioners who deal with dermatologic diseases.