Table of Contents

1. Precedence in perspective / James J. Fox.
2. Origin and precedence: the construction and distribution of status in the highlands of Bali / Thomas A. Reuter.
3. Distinguishing hierarchy and precedence: comparing status distinctions in South Asia and the Austronesian world, with special reference to South Sulawesi / Greg Acciaioli.
4. The Discourse and practice of precedence / James J. Fox.
5. Trunk and tip in West Timor: precedence in a botanical idiom / Andrew McWilliam.
6. Precedence in the formation of the domain of Wai Brama and the Rajadom of Sikka / E.D. Lewis.
7. Precedence, contestation, and the deployment of sacred authority in a Florenese village / David Butterworth.
8. A tale of two villages: hierarchy and precedence in Keo dual organization (Flores, Indonesia) / Gregory Forth.
9. Hierarchy, precedence and values: scopes for social action in Ngadhaland, Central Flores / Olaf H. Smedal.
10. Hierarchy and precedence in Keiese origin myths / Timo Kaartinen.
11. Contestations: dynamics of precedence in an eastern Indonesian domain / Michael P. Vischer.