Table of Contents

A situated view of feminist political ecology from my networks, roots and territories / Dianne Rocheleau.
Contesting green growth, connecting care, commons and enough / Christa Wichterich.
Life, nature and gender otherwise: feminist reflections and provocations from the Andes / Catherine Walsh.
Feminist political ecology and the (un)making of 'heroes': encounters in Mozambique / Ingrid L. Nelson.
Hegemonic waters and rethinking natures otherwise / Leila M. Harris.
Challenging the romance with resilience: communities, scale and climate change / Andrea J. Nightingale.
A new spelling of sustainability: engaging feminist-environmental justice theory and practice / Giovanna Di Chiro.
The slips and slides of trying to live feminist political ecology / Wendy Harcourt.
Knowledge about, knowledge with: dilemmas of researching lives, nature and genders otherwise / Larissa Barbosa da Costa, Rosalba Icaza and Angélica María Ocampo Talero.
World-wise otherwise stories for our endtimes: conversations on queer ecologies / Wendy Harcourt, Sacha Knox and Tara Tabassi.