Table of Contents

Adult learners in the emergency department / Ellen J. O'Connell, Kurt C. Kleinschmidt.
Obstacles to teaching in the emergency department / Esther K. Choo, Jeffrey A. Tabas.
Teaching and patient care in emergency medicine / Michael A. Bohrn, David A. Kramer.
Bedside teaching in the emergency department / Kevin G. Rodgers.
Teaching procedures : beyond "see one, do one, teach one" / Mercedes Torres, Siamak Moayedi.
Providing feedback in the emergency department / David A. Wald, Esther K. Choo.
The computer as a teaching tool / Joshua S. Broder.
Teaching the intangibles : professionalism and interpersonal skills/communication / David K. Zich, James G. Adams.
Teaching medical students / David E. Manthey.
Teaching trainees from other services in the emergency department / Michelle Lin.
The education of resident physicians in emergency medicine : a United States perspective / Stuart P. Swadron, William K. Mallon.
Teaching physicians in training how to teach / Carey D. Chisholm.
Characteristics of great teachers / Jennifer Avegno, Peter DeBleiux.
Effective presentation skills / Joseph R. Lex Jr..
Small group discussion skills / Matthew D. Diebel, Mary Jo Wagner.
Faculty development as a guide for becoming a better teacher / Gloria J. Kuhn.
Strategies for effective clinical emergency department teaching / Glen Bandiera, Shirley Lee.
Pearls and pitfalls in teaching : what works, what doesn't? / Brian Clyne, David G. Lindquist.