Table of Contents

History and physical : dizzy evaluation / by William McFeely.
Audiologic testing and interpretation / by John Zappia and Sandra Porps.
Electrophysiologic testing / by Vince Ostrowski.
External ear disease and infections / by Gregory Artz and Jewel Greywoode.
Tympanic membrane perforations and repair / by Patrick Antonelli.
Cholesteatoma / by Seilesh Babu and Brian Duff.
Otitis media complications / by Nouha Alammar and Seilesh Babu.
Ossicular chain reconstruction / by Travis Pfannenstiel and Dennis Bojrab.
Otosclerosis and surgical pearls of stapedectomy / by Jack Kartush and Yoav Hahn.
Paragangliomas of middle ear and temporal bone / by Aftab Patni.
CSF leak and encephaloceles / by Christopher Linstrom and Raj Murali.
Electrical testing of facial nerve / by Dr. Howard Sander.
Facial nerve pathology and decompression / by Christopher Linstrom and Brian Duff.
Newborn hearing loss / by Seilesh Babu.
Implantable hearing devices : cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing devices / by Eric Sargent, Paulette McDonald, and Seilesh Babu.
Tinnitus / Michael Hoa and John Zappia.
Endolymphatic hydrops and medical management of dizziness / by Eloy Villasuso.
Migraine disease causing vertigo / by Eric Sargent.
Surgical management of dizziness / by Michael LaRouere.
Intratympanic treatment : for hearing loss and dizziness / by David Healy, Michael Hoffer, and Ben Balough.
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo / by Gerard Gianoli.
Superior canal dehiscence / by Gerard Gianoli.
Surgical dissection of temporal bone. Otology as a branch of general Otolaryngology deals with symptoms that are commonly seen in many practices such as hearing loss, balance issues and dizziness, cholesteatoma, and ear infections, and these topics are covered in great detail. This book is designed to be a useful reference for the practicing Otolaryngologist, but is also appropriate for the ENT resident, medical student, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or physical therapist dealing with dizziness.