Table of Contents

Simple grounds : at home in experience / Vivian Sobchack.
From phenomenology to pragmatism : using technology as an instrument / Carl Mitcham.
The primacy of listening : toward a metaphysics of communicative interaction / Lenore Langsdorf.
Voices in the electronic music synthesizer : an essay in honor of Don Ihde / Trevor Pinch.
Visualizing the musical object / Judy Lochhead.
Normative phenomenology : reflections on Ihde's significant nudging / Evan Selinger.
Ihde and technological ethics / Paul B. Thompson.
The morality of things : a postphenomenological inquiry / Peter-Paul Verbeek.
Ihde's albatross : sticking to a "phenomenology" of technoscientific experience / Robert C. Scharff.
Technology : the good, the bad, and the ugly / Richard A. Cohen.
Breakdown / Peter Galison.
Crittercam : compounding eyes in NatureCultures / Donna J. Haraway.
Active and passive bodies : Don Ihde's phenomenology of the body / Andrew Feenberg.
Body and machines / Donn Welton.
Ontology engines / Andrew Pickering.
From workbench to cyberstage / Robert P. Crease.
Technological meditation and embodied health care practices / Finn Olesen.
Mediating between science and technology / Albert Borgmann.
Towards a practice-oriented methodology and philosophy of technoscience / Hans Lenk.
Forty years in the wilderness / Don Ihde.