Table of Contents

Biology's love affair with the genome / Russ Altman.
Beyond the genome / Hallam Stevens and Sarah S. Richardson.
The postgenomic genome / Evelyn Fox Keller.
What toll pursuit: affective assemblages in genomics and postgenomics / Mike Fortun.
The polygenomic organism / John Dupré.
Machine learning and genomic dimensionality: from features to landscapes / Adrian Mackenzie.
Networks: representations and tools in postgenomics / Hallam Stevens.
Valuing data in postgenomic biology: how data donation and curation practices : challenge the scientific publication system / Rachel A. Ankeny and Sabina Leonelli.
From behavior genetics to postgenomics / Aaron Panofsky.
Defining health justice in the postgenomic era / Catherine Bliss.
The missing piece of the puzzle' measuring the environment in the postgenomic moment / Sara Shostak and Margot Moinester.
Maternal bodies in the postgenomic order: gender and the explanatory landscape of epigenetics / Sarah S. Richardson.
Approaching postgenomics / Hallam Stevens and Sarah S. Richardson.