Table of Contents

Illustrations; Acknowledgments; Notes on Measurements and Romanization; The Sea King; Introduction; 1. Hallowed Be Thy Name; 2. The Men and the Boat; 3. "This Most Absolutely Forgotten of Imperial Outposts"; 4. Bad Judgment in Good Visibility; 5. Escape; 6. Hews and Ho; 7. "A Damned Lie"; 8. The Court of Enquiry and Court-Martial; 9. Aftermath and Legacy; 10. A Search Begins; 11. London and Portsmouth; 12. More Than Just the World Cup; Plates; 13. London Again; 14. The Rosetta Stone; 15. The Salvage; 16. Finding the Graves; 17. On Eternal Patrol; Appendix; Notes; References; Index. This book is the first of its kind about the discovery and history of a foreign shipwreck in Chinese waters. In 1931, Royal Navy submarine HMS Poseidon sank in collision with a freighter during routine exercises off the Chinese coast. After it had went down, of the twenty-six crewmen who remained inside, eight attempted to surface using an early form of diving equipment. Five of them made it safely to the surface and became heroes. This lively account of the forgotten Poseidon incident tells the story of the accident and its aftermath, and takes a thorough look at the history of the Interwar P.