Table of Contents

List of contributors; Preface: Beyond the tricorder; Part I. Background science and technology; 1. Portable optical detectors for point-of-care diagnostics / Reuven Rasooly, Hugh Alan Bruck, Joshua Balsam and Avraham Rasooly; 2. Paper-based diagnostic devices / Spencer A. Schultz, Isabelle C. Noxon, Tyler A. Sisley and Andres W. Martinez; 3. Advanced lateral flow technology for point-of-care and field-based applications / Brendan O'Farrell; 4. Point-of-care electrochemical sensors for antibody detection / Robert L. Rubin and Konstantin N. Konstantinov. 14. Commercialized point-of-care technologies / G.P. Kanakaris, C. Sotiropoulos and L.G. Alexopoulos15. Consumer diagnostics / Spyridon E. Kintzios; 16. A market case report: point-of-care infusion management and intelligent patient monitoring / Alexandre Tsoukalis; Index. 5. Portable magnetoelastic biosensors / Howard C. Wikle, III and Bryan A. Chin6. Portable and handheld cell-based biosensors / Spyridon E. Kintzios; Part II. Sub-component design and optimization; 7. Novel nanocomposite materials for miniaturized biosensor fabrication / G. Roussos and N. Chaniotakis; 8. Monolithically integrated optoelectronic biosensors for point-of-need applications / Panagiota Petrou, Eleni Makarona, Ioannis Raptis, Konstantinos Misiakos and Sotirios Kakabakos. 9. Time-series processing for portable biosensors and mobile platforms for automated pattern recognition / C.P. Yialouris and K.P. FerentinosPart III. Applications; 10. Nanosensors in food safety / Preetam Sarkar, Shubham Subrot Panigrahi, Emily Roy and Pratik Banerjee; 11. POC in biowarfare detection and defence applications: an update / Petr Skládal; 12. POC in travel, marine, and airport security monitoring / M. Drancourt; 13. Biosensor applications in veterinary science / Georgia Moschopoulou; Part IV. Commercialization. This book describes the principles, design and applications of a new generation of analytical and diagnostic biomedical devices, characterized by their very small size, ease of use, multi-analytical capabilities and speed to provide handheld and mobile point-of-care (POC) diagnostics.