Table of Contents

Chemical pollution of the aquatic environment by priority pollutants and its control / B. Crathorne, Y.J. Rees and S. France.
Chemistry and pollution of the marine environment / M.R. Preston and R. Chester.
Drinking water quality and health / J.K. Fawell and G. Stanfield.
Water pollution biology / C.F. Mason.
Sewage and sewage sludge treatment / J. Lester and D. Edge.
The treatment of toxic wastes / A. James.
Air pollution / R.M. Harrison.
Chemistry and climate change in the troposphere / R.M. Harrison.
Chemistry and the pollution of the stratosphere / A.R. MacKenzie --Atmospheric dispersal of pollutants and the modelling of air pollution / M.L. Williams.
The health effects of air pollution / S. Walters and J. Ayres.
Impacts of gaseous pollutants on crops, trees and ecosystems / T.A. Mansfield and P.W. Lucas.
Control of pollutant emissions from road traffic / C. Holman.
Soil pollution and land contamination / B.J. Alloway.
Solid waste management / G. Eduljee and D. Arthur.
Clean technologies and industrial ecology / R. Clift.
The environmental behaviour of persistent organic pollutants / S. Harrad.
Radioactivity in the environment / C.N. Hewitt.
Health effects of environmental chemicals / P.T.C. Harrison.
The legal control of pollution / R. Macrory.
Integrated pollution prevention and control / D. Slater.