Table of Contents

Cover; Introduction: The Connection between Politics and Teleology in Kant; List of Contributors; List of Abbreviations; 1 Natural Right in Toward Perpetual Peace; 2 The Ends of Politics: Kant on Sovereignty, Civil Disobedience and Cosmopolitanism; 3 The Development of Kant's Cosmopolitanism; 4 Kant's Principles of Publicity; 5 Public Reason and Kantian Civic Education, or:Are the Humanities 'Dispensable' and If Not, Why Not?; 6 Kant, Justice and Civic Fellowship; 7 Teleology and the Grounds of Duties of Juridical Right; 8 The Guarantee of Perpetual Peace: Three Concerns. 9 Teleology in Kant's Philosophy of History and Political Philosophy10 The Political Foundations of Prophetic History; 11 What Are We Allowed to Hope? Kant's Philosophy of History as Political Philosophy; 12 The Principle of Purposiveness: From the Beautiful to the Biological and Finally to the Political in Kant's Critique of Judgment; 13 Perfected Humanity: Nature's Final End and the End in Itself; 14 Kant's Pure Ethics and the Problem of 'Application'; Index; Back Cover. This volume, consisting of fourteen essays by leading scholars in the field, is the first to focus in depth on the critically important relationship between politics and teleology in Kant's work.