Table of Contents

Policy, people, and the new professional: an introduction / Jan Willem Duyvendak, Trudie Knijn and Monique Kremer.
The rise of contractualisation in public services / Trudie Knijn and Peter Selten.
Evidence-based policy: from answer to question / Giel Hutschenmaekers and Bea Tiemens.
Societal neurosis in health care / Margo Trappenburg.
When ideologies bounce back: the problematic translation of post-multicultural ideologies and policies into professional practices / Jan Willem Duyvendak and Justus Uitermark.
Safe neighbourhoods / Sophie Body-Gendrot.
When diversity matters / Marleen van der Haar.
From residents to neighbours: the making of active citizens in Antwerp, Belgium / Maarten Loopmans.
Authority, trust, knowledge and the public good in disarray / Monique Kremer and Evelien Tonkens.
Heroes of health care? Replacing the medical profession in the policy process in the UK / Celia Davies.
Tensions in medical work between patients' interests and administrative and organisational constraints / Werner Vogd.
Empowerment of social services professionals: strategies for professionalization and knowledge development / Jeroen Gradener and Marcel Spierts.
Professional management of professionals: hybrid organisations and professional management in care and welfare / Mirko Noordegraaf. An essential perspective on the latest shifts in roles of the health and welfare professionals throughout Europe.