Table of Contents

Bacterial diversity in polar habitats / Bronwyn M. Kirby [and others].
Archaea / Thomas D. Niederberger, Ian R. McDonald, S. Craig Cary.
Bacteriophages at the Poles / Robert V. Miller.
Fungi in polar environments / Polona Zalar, Silva Sonjak, Nina Gunde-Cimerman.
General characteristics of cold-adapted microorganisms / Shawn Doyle [and others].
Genomic and expression analyses of cold-adapted microorganisms / Corien Bakermans [and others].
Metagenomic analysis of polar ecosystems / Etienne Yergeau, Charles W. Greer.
Polar microorganisms and biotechnology / Georges Feller, Rosa Margesin.
Microbial carbon cycling in permafrost / Tatiana A. Vishnivetskaya [and others].
Polar marine microbiology / Connie Lovejoy.
Cryospheric environments in polar regions (glaciers and ice sheets, sea ice, and ice shelves) / Mark Skidmore [and others].
Low-temperature limits of microbial growth and metabolism / P. Buford Price.
Climate change, ozone depletion, and life at the Poles / Helen A. Vrionis [and others].
Life in ice on other worlds / Christopher P. McKay, Nadia C.S. Mykytczuk, Lyle G. Whyte.