Table of Contents

Theorizing the postmodern: Toward a poetics.
Modelling the postmodern: Parody and politics.
Limiting the postmodern: The paradoxical aftermath of modernism.
Decentering the postmodern: The ex-centric.
Contextualizing the postmodern: Enunciation and the revenge of "parole".
Historicizing the postmodern: The problematizing of history.
Historiographic metafiction: "The pastime of past time".
Intertextuality, parody, and the discourses of history.
The problem of reference.
Subject in/of/to history and his story.
Discourse, power, ideology: Humanism and postmodernism.
Political double-talk.
Conclusion: A poetics or a problematics? Neither a defense nor a denunciation of the postmodern, it continues Hutcheon's previous projects in studying formal self-consciousness in art, but adds to this both a historical and ideological dimension.