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POETIC EFFECTS; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Dedication; Table of contents; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Chapter 1. Literary studies and literary theory; Chapter 2. Theories of literariness, language and communication in literary studies; Chapter 3. Pragmatic Theory; Chapter 4. Metaphor; Chapter 5. Schemes and verse effects; Chapter 6. Emotion, attitude and sentimentality; Chapter 7. Varieties of affective experience; Chapter 8. Conclusion; References; Index of Names; Index of Subjects; PRAGMATICS AND BEYOND NEW SERIES. Poetic Effects: A Relevance Theory Perspective offers a pragmatic account of the effects achieved by the poetic use of rhetorical tropes and schemes. It contributes to the pragmatics of poetic style by developing work on stylistic effects in relevance theory. It also contributes to literary studies by proposing a new theoretical account of literariness in terms of mental representations and mental processes. The book attempts to define literariness in terms of text-internal linguistic properties, cultural codes or special purpose reading strategies, as well as suggestions that the notion of lit.