Table of Contents

What is the risk of stone recurrence?.
General Nutrition Guidelines For All Stone Formers.
24-hour Urine and Serum Tests: When and What?.
Nutrition Management of Hypercalciuria.
Nutrition Management of Hypocitraturia.
Nutritional Management of Hyperoxaluria.
Nutrition Management of Uric Acid Stones.
Uric Acid Stones.
Struvite Stones, Diet, and Medications.- Laboratory Follow-Up of the Recurrent Stone Former.
Imaging (Cost, Radiation).
What to do about Asymptomatic Calculi?.
Acute Renal Colic and Medical Expulsive Therapy.
Stratifying Surgical Therapy. This book provides a concise, patient-directed approach to stone prevention. It defines who to evaluate and when to treat, and provides empiric guidelines for all stone formers. Specific treatment guidelines are also included, based on the kidney stone composition and the underlying metabolic abnormalities demonstrated by 24-hour urine stone risk profile. Written by experts in the field, Pocket Guide to Kidney Stone Prevention: Dietary and Medical Therapy serves as a valuable resource for a broad base of clinicians in primary and specialty care.