Table of Contents

Mulatto : a play of the deep south (1930).
Mule bone : a comedy of negro life (1930).
Scottsboro, limited : a one-act play (1931).
Harvest (1934).
Angelo Herndon Jones (1935).
Little ham (1935).
Soul gone home (1936).
Mother and child : a theatre vignette (1936).
Emperor of Haiti : a farce in three acts (1936).
When the jack hollers; or careless love : a negro-folk comedy in three acts (1936).
Joy to my soul : a farce comedy in three acts (1937).
Front porch (1938).
Don't you want to be free? A poetry play from slavery through the blues to now.
and then some! With singing, music, and dancing (1938).
Six satires (1938).
The sun do move (1942).