Table of Contents

Platelets and their role in thrombotic and cardiovascular disease : the impact of proteomic analysis / by Ronald Stanley & Jon Gibbins.
Mass spectrometry-based proteomics : general overview, and PTMS analysis in the context of platelet research / by Julia Burkhart & Albert Sickmann.
Sample preparation variables in platelet proteomics for biomarker research / by Maria Zellner and Rudolf Oehler.
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis : basic principles and application to platelet signaling studies / by Ángel García.
The platelet membrane proteome / by Yotis A. Senis.
Organellar proteomics and the analysis of the platelet releasate / by James McRedmond.
The platelet microparticle proteome / by David Smalley.
N-terminal cofradic analysis of the human platelet proteome / by Kris Gevaert et al..
Sage to study the platelet and megakaryocyte transcriptome / by Mike Tomlinson.
The application of microarray analysis and its integration with proteomics to study platelet-associated disorders / by Wadie Bahou and Dimitri Gnatenko.
Platelet functional genomics / by Isabelle I. Salles et al..
The systems biology to study platelet-related bleeding disorders / by Jan Willem Akkerman and Bernard de Bono.
Platelet proteomics in transfusion medicine / by Andreas Greinacher & Thomas Thiele.
Cardiovascular proteomics / by Fernando Vivanco et al. The purpose of the book is to introduce platelets, and their functional role in thrombotic and cardiovascular disease, justifying the relevance of platelet proteomics research. Focus then shifts to the recent developments on mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics. This chapter shows potential applications for platelet proteomics not yet carried out. It includes examples of post-translational modifications (PTMs) analysis in platelets. The second part of the book focuses on the main research done so far on platelet proteomics. This includes general proteome mapping by non-gel based separat.